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My Story

Thank you for visiting my website.


I am an artist/designer that lives in the Los Angeles area. I have been designing and drawing things it seems my whole life. 

Art was mainly a hobby for me at first. I didn't decide to take art and designing more seriously until I became hurt during my military service. The injury caused me to gain weight, and unable to walk without a cane. I had painful spasms and sometimes was bedridden for weeks. Depressed because I basically lost my military career, I decided to get a degree in game art and design because an office job designing or illustrating would suit my injuries best. Being an artist and designer saved my life. So believe me when I say I love what I do. I was able to get into martial arts and get my body back in shape. It was a slow pace, but I did it. I still hurt, but not as much. 

I have a deep passion for things. I have a major love for illustrative arts as well as martial arts. Both help me live a happier life. My approach to art is much like my approach to martial arts. Although I enjoy certain styles, I have no problem doing other styles and putting 100% effort into it. Life for sure isn't easy, and being able to adapt to different styles has really helped in and out of the ring.

Last I would also like to say that I am a family man and I enjoy helping people. Hopefully I can use the skills I have learned in life to help others on a large scale someday.

Pat Cornett

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